Why is the problem of the damage we cause to our environment so difficult to solve?

All the information in this podcast comes from large government organizations, well known NGOs, and respected universities. No small obscure articles. Only fact checked, consensus driven research.

  1. United Nations Food and Agriculture [Food Loss and Waste Reduction]
  2. Environmental Protection Agency (US) [Environmental Impact of the Petroleum Industry]
  3. IFOAM (EU) [Impact of Agriculture on Air Quality and Climate Change]
  4. World Economic Forum [Which Countries Waste the Most Food]
  5. Environmental Protection Agency (US) [The Dirty Dozen Pollutants]
  6. United Nations [Water]
  7. Nasa Earth Observatory [Cape Town Water]
  8. Nasa Earth Observatory [Sao Paolo Water]
  9. Oxford University Press [Future of the Sun and Earth]
  10. US Government Geological Department [Interior of the Earth]

For Fun:

  1. Nick Bostrom [Existential Risks]
  2. Lumen [Visualization of Earth's Interior]
  3. Future Timeline [Future of the Earth]

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