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14 | Tangents

Infinitely many tangents!

13 | Smashing Clay

We explore breaking things and things breaking.

12 | Efferences

How do we define ourselves in space as we move within our environments?

11 | Integration

When integrating new ideas into our understanding, unlike when we encounter physical objects, we need to build out the ideological scaffolding to be able to support the information...

10 | Economics

A breakdown of our realities from the perspective of social dynamics and not physics. All the water you choose to consume, every bit of food you eat, all the time you spend on your...

9 | Categories

Categories are useful for understanding our realities but are only as useful as they are simultaneously both well defined and fluid. Everything falls on a gradient, even gradients....

8 | Lenses

Exploring informed personal bias, or lenses. There is so much knowledge that humans have generated, knowledge which has only been created and refined through interaction with other...

7 | Sanity

What would it take to make you question your reality? This episode we explore things like cutting gashes into our hands and how what is normal is only what we can agree on. Everyth...

6 | Thought: DNA's Virus

A thought experiment: are the sections of our genetic sequence that bring about thought a virus in DNA's code? Maybe we are just the hosts for a cosmic competition between the two....

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